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QMS Consulting is a registered Credit Provider, our NCR number is NCRCP 984
QMS grants loans according to the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, this requires that a full client affordability assessment is performed for each and every loan application whether successful or not.

Clients may not be Under Administration or Under Debt Review when applying for a loan. QMS offers a “short term loan” ~ a loan not exceeding R8000 and not exceeding a repayment period of 6 months.

​We take great pride in our professional approach that we take when granting a loan to a client. QMS fees structure are in line with the fees allowed by the National Credit Act. Our Interest rate is 5 %, on principle debt for the 1st loan in a calendar year and 3 % for any consecutive loan in that calendar year. Our Initiation fee is 15.75 % (VAT included) on principle debt, the initiation fee is recovered over the period of the loan.

QMS charge a Monthly service fee which is R57.50 per month including VAT QMS Consulting is a member of Micro Finance South Africa ~ Membership No: 5275 QMS Consulting is committed to applying policies and procedures, to help early detection of debt stress by monitoring payment difficulties with a view to offering assistance at an early stage. To cooperate with debt counsellors and other credit providers to resolve matters of concern.

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Advantages of Short Term Loans
  • ​Shorter time for incurring interest

  • Quick funding time

  • Easier to acquire

  • Credit Score Boost

  • Predictable 


QMS was established in 2000, our main aim at QMS Consulting, is to offer a credit facilityclients which is easily accessible, which offers affordable rates and most importantly protects
our clients against Reckless credit practices.

The professional services rendered by QMS Consulting will add value and protect the client’s interestall times, through dealing with a responsible registered credit provider.

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