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How does it work?

QMS and the employer engage in discussions to determine credit granting guidelines unique to the employer’s situation. Each person taking a loan is an individual and deserves individual consideration

The service offering can be introduced via Intranet or any other forms of employer internal communication. Our Loan forms are easily accessible and can be sent via fax or email.

All Loan queries are to be communicated directly with QMS, if not we could only warn that this can be an administrative nightmare for the employer, and QMS would easily be able to eliminate this concern if allowed.

In a time where your workforce is not always able to reach luxuries such as the internet, it is good to consider the client’s circumstances and adapt to them accordingly. It is commonly known that the short term loans are viewed as the ‘overdraft facility’ of lower income consumers. These clients do not own homes and do not have bonds, because they simply do not qualify for such luxuries. They make use of public transport or walk/ hike to their destinations and do not drive a vehicle which is financed by a high street bank. Their savings happen either through a ‘stokvel’ or basic insurance products, if it happens at all. The majority of the work force are the breadwinners of extended families and they have countless needs.

The times are tough and a well-managed credit market ensures and stimulates economic growth and prosperity. This is why QMS strives to be your service provider by choice.

The Quotation and Loan Agreement requires the following basic information.

  • Full Name

  • Surname

  • ID Number

  • Cell Phone number

  • Bank Detail ~ Account number,

  • Branch code and type of Account

  • Marital Status

  • Loan Amount and repayment period of loan required

  • Full Physical Address

  • Income and Expenditure

  • Signature

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